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Random Animal Facts You’ll Love to Know

It’s hard to tell why we find animals lovable. Is it their cute looks or just the way they make us react to them? In any case, there are several facts about animals that we’ll be happy to know and enjoy. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there there is scientific proof the emotional connections we share with them are real.

When humans connect to animals, a part of their brain called amygdala is at work. The amygdala processes emotions, emotional learning and memory formation, so scientists believe that our natural appreciation for animals comes from an ancient need to determine whether these animals are friends or foes. More interestingly, animals are said to have the same reaction to us.

Here are some of the most exciting things you can learn about animals:

Even with their physical advantage, it is natural for male puppies to let female puppies win when they’re at play.

When proposing to a lifemate, a gentoo penguin uses a pebble.

Because they frequently forget where they put their acorns, squirrels end up planting thousands of new trees every year.

In China, death is the punishment for killing a panda.

In Sweden, a competition known as Kaninhoppning is held featuring jumping rabbits.

Pig orgasms last half an hour.

Dolphins have pet names for each other.

If you tickle a rat, it will laugh.

Oysters switch genders, depending on mating requirements.

Elephants, not shrews, are the closest relatives of elephant shrews.

Puffins spend their entire lives mating. Their homes are built on the side of a cliff, with space dedicated to their toilet.

According to a study, soothing music increases cows’ milk production. They produce the most when REM’s “Everybody Hurts” is played in the background.

Under a certain program, prison inmates are made to raise and train seeing-eye dogs. According to their own accounts, working with the puppies felt like an atonement for their crimes.

Seahorses travel holding each other’s tails.

Before hatching, chicks talk to one another and to their mother via a system of sounds.

Dog nose prints, just like human fingerprints, are unique and may be used as an identifier.

Crows are intelligent and often play pranks on each other.

Not only humans have accents – even goats do!

The only specie known to live forever is called Turritopsis nutricula or the immortal jellyfish.

When houseflies hum, it is always in the key of F.

Male ostriches can have a roar as fierce as that of lions.

Tigers have stripes on their skin that are unique and can be used for identification, just like human fingerprints and dog nose prints.

Indeed, we have a more colorful and exciting world with animals.

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