Reelgood Lets You Browse All Your Streaming TV at Once

For those of us who are tired of flipping from one streaming service to another to find our favorite shows, there’s a new one-stop-shop interface that’s going to make our lives a whole lot easier.   

Reelgood, a Streaming TV and Movie Tracker, allows you to  browse all your streaming sources at once. Services include Hulu, HBO, Netflix, AmazonPrime, FX, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and over 90 others. In addition to being able to browse through all your paid streaming options, Reelgood also shows you everything available to watch for free…legally.

Not sure if there’s a new episode coming out for your favorite show? Reelgood’s “Track It” feature will let you know when a new one’s out and remind you where you left off.

Aggregating content from over 250 streaming services, including a large number of free, ad-supported TV like Fox, CBS, ABC in a single platform, Reelgood’s single interface simplifies how we find new shows and keep track of old favorites.

How does it work?

1. Go to

2. Select  the streaming sources you’d like to see displayed.

3. Take brief auto tour highlighting the site’s features and then click in bottom right corner “Create Account.”

4. And yes, it’s free!