Android O is about the essentials

Google first announced Android O about two months ago, and now it’s finally spilled the beans about what’s new. We still don’t know what sweet treat it will be named after (though our money is on Oreo), but Android O is all about improving the essentials: battery life, speed, and security are key areas of focus.

In terms of battery, Android O will automatically limit what apps are able to do in the background. For example, the new operating system will limit how frequently an app running in the background of your phone can retrieve your physical location, which is one of the more battery demanding tasks a phone can perform.

Google’s also made extensive changes to Android O’s core, which should result in phones booting twice as fast, and apps running faster out of the box.

With regards to security, Android O is ostensibly getting Google-made antivirus. Dubbed Google Play Protect, the feature will scan apps for threats and either prevent you from installing them in the first place, or remove them from your device. Play Protect will monitor apps from the Play Store (which are also scanned before they’re listed), as well as apps you’re trying to install from third party sources. Play Protect will also be rolled out to older Android devices.